My name is Karen and I am a pet portrait artist and dog groomer, and mum to two very special little dogs.

It's safe to say I am very pet obsessed. I just love animals! 

I live in the beautiful city of London, UK, although I accept commissions worldwide. My work has travelled as far as Kentucky, USA and  Australia.

I began drawing pets as a child, when I owned a little rabbit, called Magpie. He was my first love! I used to sit in my bedroom and draw with him sat snuggled next to me. Now in my thirties, I still haven't managed to put down the paint and pencils - there's always something to learn. I'm so honoured that I can share my love of art and pets with you all via this site, Facebook, Instagram and more recently Youtube.

Drop me a message, follow and like my pages as it all helps me carry on pursuing my passion of creating gorgeous artwork that our pets deserve.

Watch your Pet Portrait in Progress


As I complete your pet portrait I will message you with 'portrait updates' showing each stage of the painting. At any point you can tell me if you need anything changing, and I will do so.


I welcome your feedback throughout the process.

Have a look at my portfolio, I tend to post more updates on Facebook and Instagram so feel free to have a look and drop me a message if your thinking of having your own pet portrait.